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Volume photo scanning made fast and easy for great profit potential.

Say goodbye to the days of slow flatbed scanning! Scanning pictures and other memorabilia is now fast and easy ‘ with great profit potential ‘ thanks to the KODAK Picture Saver Scanning Systems PS80. Just think ‘ while it used to take one to two minutes to scan a single photo on a flatbed, you can now scan up to 85 photos in just one minute! And the image quality and automatic enhancements are simply dazzling, thanks to easy-to-use, intuitive KODAK Picture Saver Scanning Software.

Features delivering great images with ease and speed

Icon-based navigation and intuitive interface makes it a snap to easily create high-quality digital images

Built-in image processing automatically improves each item scanned

Specially designed transport treats each photo with extra-gentle care

Image guide virtually eliminates streaking on images, enhancing net throughput and reducing operator intervention

Both sides scanned to capture notes on back of photos or two-sided documents

Optional A3- and legal-size flatbeds available to handle oversize or extremely fragile photos, documents and bound materials such as photo albums and old prints

Output image files to USB drive, CD, DVD, and KODAK Picture CD

Picture all the greater possibilities

No matter your business or service ‘ retail, funeral home, library, or other customer-centric facility ‘ the possibilities are almost endless for ways you can promote and develop a valuable new revenue stream with your KODAK Picture Saver Scanning System.

Show them all the memories that deserve to be digitized

Black-and-white and color photos

Letters, certificates and historical documents

Kids’ drawings, artwork, awards and report cards

Postcards and other memorabilia

Appeal to a wide array of local audiences

Cultural organizations and institutions

Preservation and historical groups

People interested in genealogy

Government organizations and civic groups

Individuals who wish to preserve and share family memories

Expand your reach by promoting on your Web site and offer fulfillment by mail

Tell them all the ways they can use their images

Use images at retail or online to create photo-centric products like albums, scrapbooks, slide shows, calendars, T-shirts, mugs and more

Transfer and send images to cell phones, tablets and computers

Print images to have hard copies to save and share

Share images on photo sharing sites, via e-mail, or make CDs/DVDs to mail to friends and family

Make new albums and use images on social media sites such as Facebook

Create an archive and backups of valuable photos and documents

Easy-yet-powerful software

KODAK Picture Saver Scanning Software features a highly intuitive, easy-to-use, icon-based interface and offers a variety of automatic and manual image improvements. It’s a photo scanner and document scanner in one, so it can also be used to scan documents for your business and empower you to do more with the information you capture.

KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology automatically delivers fewer dark shadows, more vibrant colors and richer detail on photo scans

Built-in image processing enhances color/brightness/contrast, removes red eye, and automatically rotates and straightens images

Smart Touch functionality lets you assign one-button shortcuts to common scanning tasks to save time and simplify operations,Change settings mid-job for greater control over how items are scanned and to enhance workflow

Streamline digital conversion of entire photo albums

The KODAK Photo Selector Accessory option permits users to extract individual images from a composite image (such as a multi-picture photo album page) and have each image saved as a separate digital file after scanning. Now fragile album pages are protected, and there’s no need to risk damage to photos by taking apart a complete album, removing pictures that may have been in place for years, or even lifting the page protector. The Photo Selector Accessory option requires purchase of a Kodak Legal Size Flatbed Accessory or Kodak A3 Size Flatbed Accessory, available at a very affordable additional cost.



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