Document Scanning Services for the Legal Industry

Every legal matter and investigation has one thing in common – large amounts of documents to be reviewed. Whilst a lot of information is now digital, we still generate a lot of paper. And when it comes to an investigation or a legal matter it is important to ensure every single document is accounted for and considered. That’s where Flosmart’s expert document scanning team comes in.

Flosmart offer the flexibility of two options:

On-site scanning

Our solution for clients who want to ensure complete data security and ensure that their documents never leave their premises.

We can rapidly deploy our mobile document scanning team to any location in the middle east where your documents are located. Our team ensures that we have all the hardware and manpower necessary to digitize your documents in your offices. We bring our own scanners, laptops, PCs and other equipment ready to plug and play.

Upon completion of the project, our hard drives are forensically wiped to ensure that your data is never in breach.

Scanning at Flosmart’s Bureau

Flosmart have a state of the art document scanning services bureau in the heart of Dubai. Clients can send their documents to us or we can arrange collection for the documents to be brought to us. All files brought into our document scanning bureau are logged in a tracker and we provide our clients with a chain of custody certificate so all files are accurately tracked. With strict NDAs in place and our GDPR compliance, you can be rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Flosmart provides legal document scanning services in the Middle East. Flosmart can also assist you with the next steps or your investigation by processing your documents through our eDiscovery platfom for further review or return the raw data to you on an encrypted hard drive.

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