Our Legal Support Services can help your firm save time and costs right from Discovery through to settlement. We have a team of highly skilled professionals with over 20 years of experience including a UK qualified solicitor who ensures that every job is completed to a high-quality standard.
Our range of services and robust Quality Control procedures guarantee 100% accuracy in the work we deliver and 100% Value for our clients.

Discovery & Review Phase

When a matter commences, firms receive information – either in physical or electronic form. We help you organize and clean this data by converting native files to PDF, categorizing them and ordering them chronologically; making it easy for review & saving your legal professionals from this tedious task.


Document Scanning, OCR, Transcription, Indexing, Electronic document conversion & renaming, Organizing & categorizing documents by type, date etc.

Submissions & Hearings

As a matter moves through from review to claim submissions, counter claims, hearings & tribunals, we support firms with our production services. In addition to the services above we can help paralegals and legal secretaries by stamping exhibit numbers, paginating documents, creating and populating indices and finally producing premium quality printed bundles on short notice.


Exhibit Stamping, Pagination, Index Creation & Population, Custom Tabs, Trial Bundle Printing.

Legal Printing Services

Our team of experts have years of experience in handling legal documents. Our legal printing services ensure peace of mind through our 100% Quality Control procedures. Our legal bundle printing can save law firms time by reducing their stress with our ability to print high volumes of documents around the clock and meet those tight deadlines.


Our Custom eBibles allow you to package and bundle your documents in a presentable and secure manner. Sharing documents with other parties is made easy and compliant. We can add your company logo, create an index and easily link all the documents for review in a secure and easy to use platform.

Legal Scanning Services

Our Legal Scanning services can provide our clients with an accurate & efficient way of reviewing their data. We can scan documents at our client’s offices or in our bureau and quickly digitize documents making them easily available for review. Our experienced professionals ensure 100% accuracy and our indexing services ensure that your documents are categorized & organized for easy review. Contact us now for a FREE pilot.

Document Scanning Services for Archiving

We understand that the legal industry generates a lot of paper and it’s virtually impossible to get rid of. Our Document scanning solutions for archiving can help save that precious office space and de-clutter your desks by scanning, indexing and then electronically archiving all your documents for easy access if needed in the future.

Photocopying Services

Confidential & Secure Photocopying services. With confidentiality agreements with all our clients and secure premises our 100% confidential photocopying services sets us apart from your neighbourhood copy shop. We provide free pickups and deliveries and ensure that the documents are deconstructed carefully, copied and reconstructed to exactly their original state.

Legal Bundle Finishing Services

Our legal bundle finishing services ensure that our digital prints meet the highest international standards used in disputes. Our services include electronic pagination & exhibit stamping, hole punching & filing, numbered or custom tab dividers as well as binding. Our attention to detail also ensures that we create accurate & detailed covers and spines for your legal bundles.
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