About Us

The Evolution of Flosmart

Flosmart was founded in 2014 as a document management solutions company to enable the intelligent flow of data and information in businesses. Whilst most companies are making the shift to digital information and away for paper, historical records and information are still key sources of information and need to be digitized.

Flosmart’s document scanning services enable companies to do just that and transform their hardcopy documents to digital softcopy. Furthermore, our document management solutions ensure that these softcopy documents are transformed into intelligible data.

The largest driver for this intelligible data was found wanting in the legal & construction industries with a high number of disputes & litigations in the region. With this need, Flosmart’s focus turned to the legal sector and so begun our transformation into a Legal Support Services firm.

Today, Flosmart provides a full range of services to the legal and construction industry including document scanning, OCR, eDiscovery, eBundle preparation, Electronic Presentation of Evidence, eHearings, Transcription and Bundle Printing.

As a result of initial high demand for printing legal bundles, Flosmart invested and developed it’s reprographics division which today is a full-fledged printing division that supports businesses with all their print requirements including brochures, banners, business cards, training manuals, reports and more.

Flosmart has formed strategic alliances with international technology solutions experts, service providers & records management companies to provide a holistic range of services that include software solutions, outsource services & even physical document storage.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly skilled project managers, document handling specialists and IT staff that have experience from the UK & the UAE.


Dev Chopra, a CIMA qualified business leader from the UK has over 15 years of experience in the Document Scanning & Printing Industry.

Legal Director

Our very own in-house legal director, Rupali Gill, Qualified from the UK oversees our legal support services division ensuring that our work is completed to the highest of international standards.

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