Fujistu fi-6800 Desktop


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Incredibly fast scanning

With a set of features developed from decades of industry-leading experience and based directly on customer feedback, the fi-6800 Production Scanner can help digitize large volumes of documents with ease. With fast 130 pages per minute and true double-sided scanning speeds of 260 images per minute, in colour, grayscale or black & white and up to 300 dots per inch (dpi), rest-assured the fi-6800’s pure scanning speed certainly will not be the bottleneck in your scanning operation. Good things come in small packages and the fi-6800 delivers production level scanning speeds, yet without the sacrifice of a large exterior design. With its small footprint and quiet operation, the fi-6800 is suitable for in front-office environments and desktops where traditionally a Production Scanners’ bulkiness and loud operation was unrealistic.

A new compact design that’s sure to please users

Utilizing a high quality lens and extra-bright LED light source enclosed in a heavy-duty resin frame, the fi-6800’s new compact design makes it the smallest document scanner in its class. Supporting the operator

The fi-6800 is ergonomically designed to support scanning whether the operators are standing or seated

Scanner status and settings are presented and changed on an easy to navigate LCD panel

Simple but very sturdy construction with a wide flip-up cover for easy access and obstacle-free cleaning

Near silent operation allows for back office and front office placement in support of a multitude of professional business scanning tasks

Going Easy on our environment (Green IT)

Constructed using minimum quantities and lightweight raw materials

Short recovery time from the extra-bright LED light source (within 6 seconds)

Low power consumption when in sleep mode

New functions that boost automation, power efficiency and increase productivity

The fi-6800 supports new automatic functions that make scanner operating tasks even easier, faster and more energy efficient. With high speed scanning, you will see your work productivity jump leaps and bounds.

Route files with ease by utilizing Patch Code and Barcode supported Job separation

fi-6800 features patch code and barcode recognition functions which utilize patch code sheets or attached barcode labels. Whenever detected, files can be automatically routed to new subdirectories for expediting and automating post capture processing routines. In case of using barcodes, the files and directories can even be named according to the barcode encapsulated information. Combined with the image capture software ScandAll PRO’s “Automatic Sorting” function, scanning / sorting / saving is all hands free.

Reduce the hassle of post-scan tasks with “Automatic Stacker” and “Automatic Image Quality Checker”

Automatic Stacker ensures all your scanned documents are stacked neat and tidy while an Automatic Image Quality Checker detects any image irregularities (folds or tears in the scanned document) after scanning. Post-scan tasks have never been this easy.

An excellent paper-feed mechanism that guards against document damage and misaligned document feeds

Utilizing fi-series’ renowned “Paper Protection” Function and “Multifeed Protection” Function, paper feed problems are tackled before they happen. This brings optimum workflow to your business. And it ensures maximum uptime for the scanner, increasing operational efficiency.

Advanced scanner driver and image capture software

PaperStream IP ‘ high quality image processing

Built on TWAIN / ISIS standards, PaperStream IP is the scanner driver for Fujitsu fi-series image scanners. With its advanced black and white and colour processing, a range of documents can be automatically and easily converted into image data suitable for complex post capture processing -producing for example highly accurate OCR results. High quality image data can be created without defining scanner settings in advance, as PaperStream IP will aim to optimise this automatically for every sheet.

PaperStream Capture ‘ enhanced batch scanning

PaperStream Capture enhances the data capture process from adjusting scanning settings to performing batch scanning, verifying data and releasing to directories, repositories or subsequent process routines. Users can complete data capture tasks easily with the extremely user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Moving scanned batches into a queue for later retrieval is possible as well.

Seamless linkage with PaperStream IP provides for high quality image processing and simplified batch scanning operation at the same time.


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