About Custom Printed Flyers

Do you have a short-time promotion? A special offer? A new product? Communicate your message with custom printed flyers and reach an audience you need!

Why Choose Flyers for Your Marketing

  • Cost Effective
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Customized features
  • Narrow targeting
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Order Flyers Online in Dubai

Printing marketing materials in large quantities has never been easier! With you can make all your orders online with a few clicks. So, do you need to print custom flyers? If not now, then you will definitely need them in the future, especially if you work in marketing or manage a small business. Flyers have so many advantages! You can distribute them directly to your target audience. Also, they are cost-effective and affordable for any company.

All the printed products at are highly customizable, and flyers are not an exception. So let us see the custom features that you can choose for your flyer printing.

Personalize Your Flyer from Scratch

First of all, you can choose the size. For flyer printing, there are 4 sizes available — A6, DL, A5, A4. Select any of them to meet your current needs.

Another significant feature is the paper material. Depending on your business goals and the design concept, you can choose one of our 10 material options. Choose any of the following:


Soporset wood free
Sappi magno white
Kraft liner board


Scheufelen heaven 42, soft matt
Conqueror wove brilliant white
Fedrigoni picnic cheese
Fedrigoni renu 100{a765544fe7e84ee0e1f47913c9eea71734f351960c7086e423a4c405663c1446}


Fedrigoni Nettuno old mail Bianco
Fedrigoni stucco acquerello gesso
Conqueror bamboo natural white

Some of these materials are available in several thicknesses. Others have only one fixed option. The papers vary from 100 to 280 gsm.

You can then laminate your flyers depending on your choice of material. Some of the materials do not require additional lamination, whereas others can have a matte or gloss finish.

And finally, you can select between one-sided and two-sided printing.

All your flyers will be printed using the latest top quality digital printers to give you the best colors for your promotional messages.