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Create the Perfect Certificate with Our Professional Certificates Printing Services

Certificates help celebrate and acknowledge people’s achievements. They aren’t just pieces of paper — they’re meaningful documents that have an important role in people’s careers and education. They give credibility to words and make them count.

Custom certificates have applications across fields and industries. You might need them to celebrate the academic achievements of your students, honor hardworking employees, or acknowledge someone’s participation in the project. With custom certificates, you’ll make a lasting impact on their careers and support them in their future endeavors.

Instead of using generic certificates that discredit your intentions, at Flosmart.ae you can customize certificates with your logo, colors, and messages and make it easily distinguishable.

Special Features of Our Custom Certificates

Using our custom certificates printing services you can create a custom certificate, perfectly tailored to your needs. We offer A4 certificate printing and A5 to make sure it fits perfectly with the intention you have.

There’s also a large variety of materials available. You can choose one of the following certificate print papers to use:

  • Premium / Opale Reference Fabric, Pure White
  • Luxury / Conqueror CX22 Diamond White
  • Luxury / Conqueror Bamboo Natural White
  • Luxury / Conqueror Laid Brilliant White
  • Luxury / Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl Ice White

Depending on the material, the paper you print your custom certificates on will be 300, 320, or 350 gsm. It will also have either silk embossed, uncoated matte, uncoated embossed lines, or flat gloss white pearl finishing.

Making sure you are satisfied with your order is our job, so if you have questions — contact us.

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