Flosmart Solutions launches LEXEL - Case Preparation & Transcript Management Platform in the Middle East

Flosmart Solutions has expanded its Legal Support Services portfolio with the launch of LEXEL in the Middle East, bringing a new cutting-edge technology solution to the region’s rapidly growing legal sector. 

With technology playing a pivotal role in Hearings and limited platforms on offer in the Middle East, this timely partnership will be a game changer for the Litigation & Arbitration landscape in the region.

LEXEL boasts a robust, powerful, and widely used Case preparation and Transcript management platform with a host of features, including auto-hyperlinking, collaboration modules, EPE, and the latest standard in security. With rising legal costs, the affordable pricing offered by Flosmart & LEXEL makes it one of the most competitive solutions on the market and a desirable proposition for all parties involved.

“LEXEL is widely used in courts, arbitrations, and royal commissions in Australia and other parts of South East Asia as well as international courts in the Hague. Our partnership with Flosmart is the ideal opportunity to bring added value to the Middle East Legal Sector.” 

Flosmart prides itself on its flexible and fully customizable approach to solutions ensuring that customer experience is at the forefront of every project. Flosmart has now firmly established itself as the region’s only full-service Legal Support Services firm, offering eDiscovery, Document Scanning, eBundles, Document Production & now Hearing Services, including Virtual & in-person Hearing Management, Transcription & EPE.

About Legalcraft Solutions

LegalCraft Solutions was founded in the year 2005. Since then, the company has developed the product series Transcend, Transform, and Lexel. LegalCraft products have been used by Supreme Courts, High Courts, International Arbitration Centres, Attorney offices, and several Law Firms worldwide. With over 300 years of collective experience building legal technology, LegalCraft is poised to deliver customer satisfaction in the Middle East and other regions.

About Flosmart Solutions

Flosmart Solutions’ Legal Support Services was established in 2016 by Dev Chopra, with ten years of experience in the field of document management & Rupali Gill, a UK-qualified Solicitor. Since its inception, Flosmart Solutions has helped several law firms save time and costs from Discovery to settlement. With our focus on delivering services that meet the requirements of the Middle East’s unique legal environment, Flosmart has developed a range of services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our international experience, teamed with our skilled professionals, has ensured that we deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

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