We have recently launched our new range of services to provide support to courtroom hearings & arbitrations. Our latest technology features Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Transcription services, Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) and Audio & Video Recording services to ensure that our clients experience a fully integrated and optimal service.
Virtual, In-Person & Hybrid Hearings
The world is constantly changing- and so is our industry. We can adapt to any situation based on our client’s needs. Whether we need to setup a physical, virtual or a hybrid hearing to connect people from different parts of the world, we have the technology & expertise to execute our projects seamlessly.

Realtime & Daily Transcription
We have partnered with leading software solutions companies to provide our clients with advanced AI based Transcription software. Coupled with our highly skilled support teams, we guarantee accurate Real Time and Delayed Transcriptions with features such as:
• Annotations
• Colour Coding
• Keyword Search
• Auto Scroll & Auto Refresh
• Intuitive & easy to use User Interface
Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE)
Our robust EPE platform shall ensure that all in-court display of evidence – documents, pictures, videos, audio & any other files are displayed on time and accurately. Paired with well trained staff, Flosmart shall provide all the hardware including servers, laptops, display screens and networking to ensure that relevant information is being showcased seamlessly.

Audio & Video Recording Service
Flosmart can provide video cameras – multicam or single cam setup, tailored to our clients requirements. Our Smart Edit software edits video in real time whilst the hearing is in process, bringing on screen relevant parties who are speaking as well record EPE screens.
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