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Our Solutions
Our comprehensive Legal Support services include legal document scanning, indexing & coding for document classification and categorization, OCR & Pagination for easy review, legal bundle printing & photocopying & E-Bibles. All done with 100% accuracy and confidentiality.
Construction Flosmart Solutions


Our Solutions
To service the Construction industry, we have the latest in large format equipment that enables us to provide the following services: construction Drawings & Maps printing & scanning. Large format scanning & Printing. A0 prints, A1 prints.
Financial Flosmart Solutions

Financial Services

Our Solutions
Compliance & Security are key to financial services. Our document scanning services can be used to collate huge amounts of paper-based information into a single database for review using our indexing & coding services. Reviewers can then search for the red flags that they are looking for.
Advertising Flosmart Solutions

Advertising & Marketing

Our Solutions
Our comprehensive print services allow you to execute that campaign under one single provider. From brochures, banners to t-shirts and mugs, we can print on anything. You think it and we’ll print it! Our scanning services can also be used to collate data from surveys and promotions.
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